iHASCO uses the Buenos Aires typeface throughout. This font has several typographical features that give the identity a friendly and approachable feel:

Example of Buenos Aires

In headings, this can be paired with Handsome Pro Bold to give emphasis to short phrases. To be effective, this must be used sparingly and in lowercase. Choose only key words that deserve to be highlighted in this way.

Handsome was chosen to convey a key advantage of iHASCO Customer Service: that you can speak to a human. It does this while still keeping legibility.

Example of Handsome Pro

The basic typography rules can be found in the typography.scss used in this guide.

Heading level one

Buenos Aires Regular 60/78pt
-0.075rem letter spacing
Use any contrasting colour lighter than the default

Heading one emphasis

Handsome Pro Bold (lowercase) 90/87pt
-0.05rem letter spacing

Heading level two

Buenos Aires Bold 26/26pt
-0.01rem letter spacing

Heading two emphasis

Handsome Pro Bold (lowercase) 39/26pt
-0.05rem letter spacing

Body text is set in 16px Buenos Aires Regular, with 26px line-height. No negative character spacing is used. All text is set to use #314A5B by default instead of black. To ensure legibility, use Buenos Aires Book Italic and Buenos Aires Regular for emphasis at this size.

Buenos Aires Regular 16/26pt
No letter spacing

Occasionally, text needs to be smaller than body copy (such as copyright lines). For these instances use the styles defined for <small>

Buenos Aires Regular 14/26pt
No letter spacing