The iHASCO tagline consists of the statement 'Training made simple'. This should be present in sentence case and use a combination of Buenos Aires and Handsome Pro typefaces. The colour of Handsome Pro can vary but should always use one of the solid brand colours as established in these guidelines. Simply drag and drop the tagline from this page (RGB colour mode, SVG format), or download it from the Assets section.

Tagline: Colour Variations

Example of tagline in the 6 pinwheel colour variations

Technical notes on alignment

Note the correct alignment of the word 'simple' to the baseline of the 'Training made' text. Standard alignment with all words set together in the same text block often results in improper alignment as shown below.

Tagline (poor baseline alignment)

Position in relation to logo

The tagline is not designed to permanently accompany the logo. It can be used in isolation and some distance from the logo (for example in a page footer or on the reverse of a business card). Placement of the tagline in close proximity to the logo should be avoided where possible so that the logo has room to breathe.

Letterhead: Portrait

Example of tagline use on a standard A4 letterhead